Product Description and Details

  • Miracle Seat® White Paper

  • The Miracle Seat® Co. is proud to offer an innovative solution to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and help reduce well-documented germ-containing aerosol spray produced by normal toilet use and flushing.

  • T his innovative-patented vented seat and manifold design integratesMiracle Seat a local exhaust system powered by a concealed whisper soft custom 90cfm fan. Simply activated by a flip of a bathroom light switch, odors and aerosol that contain contaminants such as germs, bacteria, and viruses are then inconspicuously exhausted outside the residence or building.

  • A A replacement for the traditional toilet seat, Miracle Seat provides an odorless and hygienic solution for a fresher cleaner bathroom experience.

Presently, the Miracle Seat Company offers one model that will fit all elongated shaped toilets. Additional colors and models for
round toilets will be offered soon.
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