About us

About Us
Miracle Seat Company is a division of Delpriss and Company, Inc., a Nevada Corporation. The company was incorporated in 1997 to design and develop the Miracle Seat.
Since the first seat was developed, four U.S. Patents have been awarded, another is pending and development continues on new innovations for forthcoming Miracle Seat products and accessories.
Sales to medical clinics, restaurants, schools, small businesses and homeowners have steadily grown over the past 3 years as the Miracle Seat has proven its effectiveness and durability.
Our executive Team:

Angelo Cassaro

Mr. Cassaro is a well-established, successful real estate developer and contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada. When presented with the concept of a product that would benefit millions of households, hospitals, medical clinics, restaurants and hotels, Angelo simply had to be a part of the founding team. Under his leadership the company was formed, funded and operations launched. Angelo has played an active role in developing initial sales to homes and businesses.

Nicholas Montana

Mr. Montana is a co-founder of Delpriss and Company, Inc. and is a well-known and respected building developer with interests in numerous successful businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada. When introduced to the concept, Nick shared Angelos enthusiasm for the Miracle Seat and decided to participate in the development and launch of, to use Nicks own words, " an amazing and revolutionary new product that will benefit millions and millions of people. Nick has played a major role in getting the Miracle Seat introduced to the building trades and medical clinics.